Musings from the safety of my tent

Musings from the safety of my tent

Its 3 am and the hyenas have stopped calling. Maybe they’ve made a kill. Now only crickets own the night. I'm lying in my little tent on the edge of Nairobi National Park. I can't sleep. There's too much to be done.

I’ve been interviewed by many international media lately, about why I've chosen film as a major pillar of my conservation initiatives. Actually it's film and education which I believe together could be the most poweful force for a sustainable future.   Many wildlife films are made in Africa but few are shown here and very few filming projects involve African crews so there's been very little capacity development in wildlife film making. We are often told that Africans do not have the luxury of caring about the environment - what nonsense! All kids are the same. Nature is wonderous and awe inspiring!

And, we might not have made the most films, but we have saved the most wildlife. Africa is the only conteninent on earth that has sustained it's mega fauna. Yet Africans have been exploited for decades of their stories which have been told by others to foreign audiences. Few wildlife documentaries are seen in Africa.

Our stories need to be told to our own people and the world. We love Sir David and the others, but we want to hear from Africans now,  afterall,  we all came from one original mother and she was African. As the whole world innovates to address climate change and species extinction, our solution is to inspire our own people with storeis and role models that they can relate to.  

The crew of Wildlife Warriors 

We broke the mould by producing our own TV series By Africans For Africans

Children rescuing a hedgehog proves that our series inspires children to care about nature and take action
One of the main goals is to get Africans into parks - they are ours afterall!
We flimed in places never visted by cameras before
And, we are training a new generation of Africans to join us in film making

Wildlfe Filmmaking is every bit as glamorous as people think, AND, it's hard work, we cry, we laugh, we fight. But we always make up because all that matters in the end is what we produce and the impact that it can have.

Thank you so much for reading this far. We would love your support in helping us to produce season 3 of Wildlife Warriors. Email me if you thnk you can help