Welcome! Karibu!

Welcome! Karibu!

I'm Paula Kahumbu, and my biggest project to date is to presenter of the James Cameron produced Nat Geo series, Secrets of the Elephants.  I've spent my career working to promote sustainable conservation efforts and protect Africa's natural resources. I am an ecologist, that's a scientist who studie the interactions between species and their habitats, and I use this science to support conservaiton actions which is critically important now as the world is facing a planetary crisis with climate change and species extinctios. I use powerful tools to educate, inspire and engage people and move them to action. In 2013 I used campaigning to change hearts, minds and laws.  I create exceptional outdoor experiences to give young people an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in nature which creates a life long to conservation. I also produce and work on  numerous wildlife documentaries to educate and inspire millions of people around the world to connect to nature, treasure it and act to conserve it. I am recognized as one of the 25 most influential women in the world by the Financial Times, and I invite you to connect with me on social media and join these important conversations.

Follow me to learn about conservation, to join our  African wildlife filmmakers network or to support our impactful work.  

Book a lecture

I travel around the world and give lecures to corporates, schools and universities. To book a lecture please contact my agent Malaika Mwaniki  Malaika@MalaikaMwaniki.com  Subject : Book a Lecture with Paula Kahumbu


I run WildlifeDirect, a Kenyan based organization that produces wildlife documentaries including Wildlife Warriors, Team Sayari, and runs wildlife film making courses and film festivals.

We also run Wildlife Warriors Kids clubs in schools and manage Africa's first wilderness are for children for outdoor conservaiton education, the Wildlife Warriors Kids Field Lab.

I run Films4African wildlife, a global community of people interested in African wildlife filmmaking

I am passionate about saving Africa's wildlife, and I'm working on this through my role on the Nat Geo Board, WWF International Board,  Conservation Nation and Daughters for Earth.

,  by creating wildlife content for African audiences of all ages and from all walks of life. I believe we can transform the future of wildlife conservation in Africa by empowering African decision makers and creating a generational change through education.

Contact Me

If you're looking to reach out and connect, you can find me on facebook, linked in, instagram and twitter, or just me on paula@wildlifedirect.org

And let's work together to create synergy.

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