Africa's 1st children's conservation area!

The Wildlife Warriors Kids Field Lab south of Nairobi Park the only facility of it's kind in Africa.

Africa's 1st children's conservation area!
We create life changing experiences for children by immersing them in nature to go explore!

When we started the Wildlife Warriors Kids Program at WildlifeDirect we were working directly in 33 schools and taking 100 children each year on 5 day camping expeditions to the wild.  It was amazing, the kids were incredible and they loved it. Everyone was enthousiastic and experts like Save the Elephants, Kenya Wildlife Service, Ol Jogi, Ol Pejeta, Dr Dino Martins, the Grevy'z Zebra Trust, the Ewaso Lions Project, Ambrose Letoluai the leopard boy, Richard Turere our own Lion boy, Amboseli Trust for Elephants and so many others  came out  to support, mentor and we were learning so much thanks to support form Safaricom and so many other sponsors like Mpala Research Center and individuals.

But it was not enough for children to have only one experience in nature. We wanted them to have a life long connection. That was why we started looking for a place that we could call our own base, to provide continuous education to children and interns.

Our lucky break was in 2021 when the family of the late Rex Dobie (the Mercedes Benz distributor DT Dobie) heard about our work and told us that she wanted to support conservation education. This short video is the story of that historic moment when we took possession of a spectacular piece of land so that we could create a outdoor wilderness education center for children. It's hard to believe that it was only one and a half years ago.

Since January 2022 when we opened our doors, thousands of children have visited the Wildlife Warriors Kids Field Lab, the only facility of it's kind in Africa. They watch films, meet experts, learn nature journaling, exploration, ethno botany, ecosystem restoration, conduct river clean ups, and plant trees. While we are open we are far from where we know we need to be. Our amazing team of staff and interns are still living in tents and we continue to dream up big big plans for the future. We thank all those who have supported our efforts, and invite anyone interested to support the field lab. To make a donation just go to and donate! Your support enables us to reach, educate and inspire  children to become wildlife stewards.  Thank you so so much. Please don't forget to sign up to this website for all my incredible updates and do share this story with your friends.