Newsweek leaks some of the secrets

Paula Kahumbu on a vehicle surrounded by a herd of elephants in Africa while filming Secrets of the Elephants.

In just 6 days, on April 22nd,  Secrets of the Elephants premier on Disney+ will take place. This is a 4 part landmark series about elephants that I present for Nat Geo.  I've been taking media interviews for weeks now and some are now being published like this one in the Newsweek today that reveals some of the precious moments in the series, and emphasizes some my concerns about the peril that elephants are in. After the premier I will begin to share my own stories, photos and videos  about the extraordinary adventure that the shoot. Subscribe to my website to get the stories first.

I really hope that Secrets of the Elephants will be the moment that elephants need at this critical time to draw attention to their shrinking habitats, their clash with humans, and their need for protection. No other speices on earth could be a better ambassador for conservation.  Read the article here - I love the last paragraph

"But despite the documentary series revealing some of the more fascinating aspects of elephant behavior, Kahumbu said she has real concerns about the future of these incredible animals.

"One of the most difficult things for me as an ecologist was to go to so many different incredible places and see that everywhere we went, elephants were in peril," she said. "In every single location, elephants were under pressure. It was very upsetting and difficult at times to appreciate how much pressure these elephants are all under."

"Secrets of the Elephants" premieres Friday, April 21, on National Geographic, and will be available the next day on Disney+"

Photo by Charlie Hamilton-James for Nat Geo.