Support Juliet Waiyaki: A Ray of Hope for Kenya’s Birds Of Prey

Support Juliet Waiyaki: A Ray of Hope for Kenya’s Birds Of Prey
Juliet Waiyaki is a rare breed - she loves birds of prey, a field largely dominated by men


Dear friends,

I am reaching out with a special appeal and an inspiring story. Juliet Waiyaki, a young Kenyan vet with a passion for Birds Of Prey, is on the verge of making history. She’s been accepted into a six week intensive training at the world’s top bird of prey veterinary hospital for birds of prey (Eagles, vultures, falcons, owls) – the Dubai Falcon Hospital. It is an incredible opportunity for her and a beacon of hope for Kenya.Our Birds Of Prey are facing dire threats: poisoning, collisions with vehicles and powerlines, climate change, and other hazards. Their numbers are dropping dramatically, and they play a pivotal role in our ecosystems.Juliet’s training isn’t just about one person’s dream; it’s about the preservation of these magnificent creatures, essential to Kenya’s natural heritage.

Juliet is already a practicing veterinarian and this training will take her to new heights 

Why support Juliet? She’s our frontline. With her expertise, we stand a stronger chance to halt the decline of these vital birds and ensure they soar our skies for generations to come.


Please consider donating towards the $4,500 (Ksh 642,000)needed for Juliet’s travel, accommodation and other costs. And just as importantly, share this appeal widely with friends and family. Together, we can make a difference.Thank you for being a part of this mission.

Let’s rally behind Juliet and our Birds Of Prey!M-PESA to Juliet 0724083930 (JULIENT WAIYAKI)

Alternatively give via  indicating for Vet Juliet